“…I want to thank you for all your help and sound advice, I haven’t experienced such good health since I was a child! I’m sleeping very well and my energy levels are great – I can feel my health returning…” V.R.

Are you tired, bloated, in pain, depressed or worried about deteriorating health? Don’t want to have your life revolve around whether you are within dashing-distance of the toilet? Is there a health concern in your family history that you don’t want to become your future? Don’t want to let Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia or arthritis slow you down? Want to learn how to manage your autoimmune condition? Want to finally conquer your depression, anxiety or PMS symptoms?

If the answer is yes to any of the above then come and see our resident nutritional therapist, Marie Dawson, for nutritional advice you can depend on.

There are numerous people who follow a healthy diet and lifestyle and yet they still suffer from ill health. This is because, quite literally, every body is different – one person’s chemical, hormonal and metabolic processes can vary vastly from another, so it is never just a case of one size fits all. This is why nutritional therapy can be really effective for different cases and ailments.

The foods that you eat that are the building blocks for building and repairing every aspect of your body; from visible parts such as skin, hair and eyes, to the ‘invisible’ parts such as brain neurotransmitters, digestive enzymes and hormones. Without the right ‘ingredients’ your body cannot function, and that is where chronic diseases appear.

BANT Regulated

Marie is a registered member of the British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT), the professional body for Registered Nutrition Practitioners. As such, you can be assured that she is suitably qualified to at least degree level, compliant with all legal and BANT requirements, and participating in ongoing continuing education events to ensure that all knowledge is totally up to date.


As an evidence-based practitioner, Marie will be utilising any research-proven strategies to help you to regain your optimum health. If it’s not scientifically proven to be effective and safe, then it is not considered suitable. Your health, safety, and wellbeing are always the top consideration.

Functional Medicine

We have a new generation of chronic diseases, conditions that deteriorate over time and rarely go away. Current medicine often labels them ‘incurable’ and only offers symptom management. Functional Medicine is a relatively new branch of medicine which aims to address root causes of disease. It asks why these symptoms occurred and seeks to identify their root cause. This not only resolves the symptoms, but prevents them returning.