Michael WeeksBSc (Hons)

Yoga Teacher

Ashtanga Yoga Instructor – Yoga Mike

Michael has recently left his profession as a Primary School Teacher to focus on teaching Yoga. Michael, known to all as “Yoga Mike” is passionate about Yoga, it being a huge part of his life over the last five years. He is a Mysore (India) trained instructor and has worked with yoga veterans as well as people who may have never experienced yoga before. He specialises in teaching Ashtanga and creating bespoke classes which cater to the needs of everyone (including specific injuries). He has a strong background and understanding of anatomy, so is able to give verbal and physical adjustments to help you get the postures right from day one.

Classes are invigorating and challenging, but Mike is also a big believer in purposeful relaxation at the end of each class. His philosophy is ‘yoga for all’, which speaks for itself. No matter what your background, Mike will always create a welcoming environment where you can feel relaxed and are able to progress at a rate you’re comfortable with.

With his background of Primary school teaching, Mike also delivers Yoga to children of all ages. There is growing evidence to suggest that Yoga is beneficial for children from primary school age and upwards.

To book a class or a 1-2-1 with Michael call now on 01642 680 680 or email info@body2fit.org.