“… I am a keen runner and was so frustrated at experiencing recurrent bouts of Achilles Tendonitis. Keith did a thorough biomechanical assessment which I found absolutely fascinating. The custom made orthotics which he prescribed have made such a difference. I now have a spring in my step and am pain free!..” J. Turner

Chiropdy and Podiatry Treatment

Is your performance in sport and leisure affected by recurring foot, knee or back pain? Struggling at work due to constant foot pain? Do you need advice on footwear / running shoes / customised insoles or orthotics? Struggling to walk because of foot pain, calluses or ingrown toenails?

If the answer is yes to any of the above then come and see our expert podiatrist Keith Forster, and place your feet in his expert hands.

At Body2Fit we care for the whole family, from children right through to the elderly. We combine traditional methods with state of the art technology to accurately study how your foot and ankle position and motion effect how you walk and run and how it can be linked to pain and injury.

Biomechanical Assessment

Keith has a vast experience of biomechanical assessment. He combines his extensive expertise with the latest technology to identify why you may be experiencing pain or recurrent injuries due to altered lower limb mechanics. As part of this process he can provide interventions including exercise regimes, insoles, customised orthotics, and offer advice regarding general footwear, sports specific footwear, and footwear for work.

A biomechanical assessment is suitable for ALL including:

  • Runners
  • Athletes – recreational or professional
  • General painful feet
  • Those who experience pain when standing, walking or running
  • Those who are experiencing back, hip or knee pain
  • Those who are having trouble with bruised nails or painful toes
  • Sports injuries including shin splints, Achilles tendonitis to name but a few
  • Those who think they may have a leg length discrepancy


We also offer treatments for a wide range of foot conditions including:

Corns, Callus, Ingrowing Toe Nails, Fungal nail Infections, Bunions