“…After doing Yoga once a week for 6 weeks it changed everything! I was less injury prone (I have suffered with tight hamstrings for years), I got faster and it even improved my strength. Yoga should definitely be something that sports people do at least once a week and Mike is a great teacher!…” D. Sanderson

Yoga is available at Body 2 Fit!

Do you want to feel less stressed? Have more energy? Feel (and look) younger? Get fitter and more flexible? Feel stronger? Reduce back and joint aches and pains?

If you answered yes to any of the above, we are here to help you stand taller, feel stronger and move with confidence. It’s time to take the first step towards creating a healthier, fitter version of you.

At Body2Fit, we’re all about living life to the full without being held back because of the toll work and life takes on the body. With some simple exercises and movement on a regular basis, we’re 100% sure that you will feel better, move better and look better too.

We offer classes in different styles of yoga including Ashtanga, Hatha and Vinyasa Flow. Class sizes are limited to ensure that everyone is given individual attention. All our classes are beginner friendly – our team of instructors will help guide you through moves and exercises, giving options where needed, so that everyone can leave class feeling taller, stronger and ready to take on the world again (even after a long day at work!).

To come and meet the team and experience the classes for yourself we invite you to a FREE Yoga taster session. No obligation, no pressure, just the opportunity to give yoga a go and see how you feel. If you’ve wanted to try a class but were worried that you can’t touch your toes, or you’ll be the only one in the class who won’t be able to keep up we’ll show you that anyone can do this.

Available Class Types


Ashtanga yoga is a modern flowing style of yoga, aiming to improve flexibility, strength, cardio, support injuries and promote weight loss. It is a no-nonsense approach which follows a set series so you can quickly get up to speed with the routine. In a class, we work hard, and we relax hard. No matter what level you are, you will receive verbal and physical guidance to ensure you get the postures right from day one. Ashtanga yoga will get you in great shape, boost energy levels and make you feel like a stronger, more positive person every day.


Hatha yoga is a generic term that refers to any type of yoga that teaches physical postures. Here at Body 2 Fit, Hatha yoga introduces you to basic yoga postures. The focus is on stretching the body to ease out muscle tension, increase strength and improve flexibility whilst also offering breathing practices and relaxation to calm the mind and ease stress. You probably won’t work up a sweat in a hatha yoga class, but you should end up leaving class feeling longer, looser, and more relaxed.

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa classes are known for their fluid, movement-intensive practices. The class is sequenced to allow you to smoothly transition from pose to pose, with the intention of linking breath to movement. It encompasses many different types of yoga, including Ashtanga and power yoga. If you enjoy a challenge, vinyasa may be just your ticket.

Private Tuition (1-2-1’S) or Small Groups

If you would prefer to work at your own pace or to share a private lesson with one or two of your friends our expert teachers will be happy to accommodate you.