“…I would highly recommend both the personalised one to one sessions and the pilates classes at Body2Fit, they have enabled me to maintain a pain free back condition for several years now…” J. Humphreys

Pilates Classes

Pilates has taken the world by storm – and it’s no longer just available to ballet dancers, athletes and celebrities.  Now you can do it too!

Do you want to reduce your aches and pains? Become more flexible and improve your posture? Feel stronger? Look and feel younger?

If you have answered yes to any of the above, why not take the plunge and take the first step towards creating a healthier, fitter version of you by joining a pilates class?

At Body2Fit our pilates is managed and taught by highly skilled teachers who are trained to the highest standards of instruction. Our principal teachers are also Chartered Physiotherapists, and all of our team have an extensive knowledge of the human body and its movement principles. They will help you gain the most out of the pilates method and guide you on your journey to the new you!  

We keep our classes small in order to give you as much individual attention as possible. We offer mat work classes for all levels of ability and also studio classes on the pilates equipment. We also offer private tuition (1-2-1s or 2-2-1s) if you require an individualised programme or have a specific medical condition and require clinical pilates rehabilitation.

To come and meet the team and experience the classes for yourself, we invite you to one of our FREE pilates taster classes which run monthly at specific times. The class is designed to allow you to experience the amazing benefits pilates can have, whilst also enabling us to advise you of the level of teaching which would be most suitable.

Available Class Types


We offer three types of matwork class covering Beginnner, Improver and Intermediate levels of experience. If you’re not sure which type would best suit you, please get in touch to discuss your needs.

HIP (High Intensity Power Pilates)

Do you want to combine the challenge of Pilates with a Cardio-vascular workout?

HIP is aimed at raising the heart rate and improving overall functionality, strength, mobility and stamina. It is a challenging ‘feelgood’ workout combining core strength, balance and co-ordination with an energetic cardio component.


Barre workouts have taken the world by storm as a fantastic low impact class to strengthen and tone your body. The Barre Pilates Method simplifies complex ballet technique and combines it with Pilates principles to deliver a safe, effective, flowing workout for everyone, with no need of dance experience

Private Tuition (1-2-1’S), Small groups and Clinical Pilates

If you would prefer to work at your own pace or to share a private lesson with one or two of your friends our expert teachers will be happy to accommodate you.

If you are recovering from an illness or surgery or have a specific clinical requirement we can help.

Pilates Equipment Studio

Body2Fit has invested in the full set of specialist Pilates equipment including reformers, cadillacs, stability chairs and barrels and in the hands of our expertly trained teachers, we provide an unsurpassable service in the traditional Pilates method - Joseph Pilates himself would be proud!

We offer 1-2-1’s in the studio, small group classes and also self-practise for those who wish to work on their individualised programme. You will need to book a 1-2-1 session prior to joining the group class.